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Water filters – drum filters in aquaculture

Why are drum filters needed in aquaculture?

In aquaculture fish faeces and uneaten feed create particulates insoluble in water which is one of causes of ammonia toxicity in fish. Filtering water is a way to reduce the amount of particulates in water to a minimum. Dirt that cannot be removed mechanically with water filters must be cleaned out biologically – with the help of bacteria.

Drum filters made by Faivre for removing solids from water are made so that they require as little attention from the user as possible and are reliable and economical in use. All components are made of stainless steel and are water resistant.

The design of a filter can be seen in the sketch. Filters consist of slowly rotating drum which separates the solids from the water flowing through. The separated solids are mechanically removed and discharged through a discharge channel.

The pore size available for filters rages from 26 to 500 microns. The drum is driven by low capacity motor and belts (BDS system).

The amount of water that flows through the filter depends on the size of pores and surface area of the filter plates. Decision on which type of filter is needed can only be made after completing evaluation and calculations of the existing or planned aquaculture system. Contact us and we will carry out the calculations for you.


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