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Leaf screener – for removing waste from running water

RotoDisk – rotating leaf screener.

Removing leafs and residues is important for recirculation systems in both covered recirculation systems and open bodies of water – canals and running-water ponds. Covered systems are protected from pollution of larger physical particles, but open bodies of water are not protected from leaves or larger unwanted materials carried in by wind.

For protecting the bodies of water from pollution brought by running water, the rotating leaf screeners can be used. The leaf screeners take the leaves out of the water and wash them away from the aquaculture body of water using the running water. Rotating leaf screener has many advantages over its cheaper alternative – the bars made for stopping the leaves. In exploitation the bars will have to be tended several time a day and during fall of wind almost each hour, which will be expensive, whereas leaf screeners wash the leaves away themselves.


RotoDisc description

RotoDisk description.

1) Motor 0,55 kW 400V.
2) Roatating disc – wire screen is 2,2 m in diameter, the pore size is 5, 10 or 20 mm.
3) Drive belts. The rotation speed is 4 turns per minute.
4) Rinsing water inlet.
5) Waste removal.
6) Control cabinet.
7) Charged water inlet.
8) Screen outlet.

RotoDisk is 3 m wide, therefore it is installed in diagonal in narrow channels.




Some examples of installation.